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The Healing Power of Crystals

Hi Friends. Thanks for your presence and passion for taking care of yourself. Today’s blog post is all about healing your body the energetic way. Healing through non-traditional methods. Today, I thought I would talk about crystals, the representation of each stone and how they help in my pursuit of healing the mind, body and soul.

With the holidays upon us, and the fact that I come from a family the size of a small army, I have been feeling all out of sorts. When I mean a small army, I mean 18+ aunts and uncles, 30+ cousins, 6+ second cousins. The list goes on. Yes I know, it’s a little excessive. This year in particular was a very special and hectic year for our family. This year was special because my granny was turning 85 on Thanksgiving day. After a lifetime of raising children, grand children and great grand children, she was feeling in the mood to celebrate. So, she decided to call all of us together to spend thanksgiving on the Jersey Shore.

All 70 of us.

I am in love with my family. I love the chaos. I love the excitement and I love the fact that there is always an adventure to be had when we get together. Yet, with 70 people shoved into a tiny shore house for an entire day, I was feeling completely depleted by the time the holiday came to a close. My ears were ringing, I had a sore throat from trying to talk over everyone, and my food baby wasn’t helping either. Needless to say, my first priority coming home was to take care of myself.  After returning to Minneapolis, I filled my days with yoga classes, sage to clear my energetic field, vegetarian based food to regulate my digestion and baths with epsom salt/essential oils to detox my body. All of my go to’s. One of the many go to’s of mine is also utilizing the healing power of crystals. I’m sure by this point, alot of you are rolling your eyes. “How can crystals heal?” you might think. Well. I am here to help you understand my friend.

Healing crystals come from the Earth right? And it is no secret that properties found in nature heal us. Anything from spices, to flowers, to fruits and vegetables that come from the earth. They all heal us in some form or another. Just like crystals do. For years, ancient civilizations have used the power of stones to help heal from an energetic perspective. The Ancient Egyptians used crystals for health and protection. They used chrysolite to fight against night terrors and purge evil spirits from the body. They also used quartz crystal to guide their loved ones in the afterlife when they passed away. The ancient greek used amethyst to prevent drunkenness and hangovers, and the ancient Chinese were known to have an obsession over the healing powers of Jade.

So where did I get my own healing crystals? I am a huge believer in source. Where you are getting the stone will help affect the energy it carries. My closest loved ones know that Vancouver, B.C. is a location that has a special place in my heart. It is somewhere I continuously come back to when things in my life are less than stellar. It is a place of healing for me. Because of my healing like attachment to this place, I bought the stones I carry with me in the company of my best friend, from a healing shop just outside the city. In my eyes, the sentiment of this memory alone gives the stones special healing powers. My suggestion in finding stones that help you heal are letting them find you. Find stones that come from a place that holds a deep meaning for you. Find them in a shop that gives you comfort. Take your time in picking your stones out. Hold them and determine if the stones provide you with comfort. If you are someone who is not as keen on letting stones come to you, and you prefer purchasing stones right away, you can search these websites for stones that speak to you most:

Healing Crystals.

to help guide your mind, body and spirit

into a state of serenity.

What are the crystals I carry? See below for a few of the ones that mean the most to me and the healing powers they represent:

Rose Quartz. The most powerful in my opinion. Rose quartz is known to open you to love in all forms. Whether it be friendly, romantic or spiritual. Rose Quartz is known to be a healer of broken hearts and emotional despair that weighs heavy on the heart. Rose Quartz can also help guide one into a state of self love. Ancient Egyptians believed these stones could prevent aging while the Romans used rose quartz to symbolize ownership.

 Jade. This stone is known for its connection to the heart chakra. Because of this connection, the stone is known to be deeply powerful. Jade is bound to help with any existential crisis type moments you might have as it has a deep connection to what makes your heart light up. Look to this stone when you are struggling to understand the importance of the work you are doing in your life. Jade is also said to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. This stone is known to access the spiritual world and promote creativity. a great healing stone for anyone yearning to exercise the right side of their brain.

Quartz Crystal. One I continuously reach for. Mainly because of the giant mess my mind is usually in. This stone is known to stimulate your brain function, aid in concentration and unlock your memory. Quartz cyrstal creates positive energy. This stone also protects your aura and expands your overall energy field. This stone will also help  kickstart your psychic ability. So you can see that bright future of yours.

 Amethyst. This stone is one of protective properties. Known to protect you of ill wishes from others. It also releases fear, anger and anxiety from your body. Great for boosting immune system and helps with hormone production as well as relieving stress. Amethyst is known to have a sobering effect. It is great for warding of drunkenness and curing hangovers.

 Tiger Eye. This little stone is useful in helping to aid the recognition of one’s own needs vs. the needs of others. Helps to focus the mind and clear away cloudiness when making judgement calls. Tiger eye is helpful in balancing the energy between yin and yang in our bodies. Can also help give us courage when we are feeling fearful in new ventures that we are about to embark on.

 Fire Agate. Believed to carry the essence of fire, the fire agate stone is known for healing vitality and taking decisive action when you are unsure. This stone is grounding and inspiring. This stone helps promote courage within us to follow what makes our heart happy. Because of this, the fire agate can help aid in spiritual awakening and development. Fire agate also aids in pushing other’s opinions out of our conscious in order for us to follow our own path. A deeply powerful stone for anyone searching for its healing properties.

So how do you heal with these crystals? Easy. Lay them out around your apartment. Sit and hold them while meditating. Create a sacred space for them at home. Lay them on your body while you take a rest. The sky is the limit. The key to healing with these little guys is to tune into the energetic work. Find vibrations you are looking for from your stone while you are meditating. Think about healing. Think about peace of mind. Feel the healing occurring. Feel the positive energy you are looking for. The key is to feel.

Ok that is all for now friends! I hope you enjoyed and as always, let me know if there is anything crystal related I can help with! Live humble and love fierce my friends. Ciao!

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