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The Art of being Yourself.

The art of being yourself.

What does it truly mean to be yourself? A question that is so much easier to ask than to answer. A question that most millennials continue to ask themselves as they unfold the depths that it comes with. With our easy access to information through the internet and social media, it becomes easier and easier to look to others, as well as our peers, for answers to this complicated question. Yet, this act of looking to others leads to a paralyzation in the search and pursuit for our own answer. This question is something I have been asking myself a lot lately. Through my recent travels to India, Vancouver and Europe, I find myself silently struggling with embracing my true colors and letting my true self shine. Once I think I have a grasp on some of the answers to this dangerous little question, I find myself slipping in the meaning and realizing that these answers only lead to more complicated questions. And the cycle continues again. Am I living my truth everyday? What does that mean? Am I loving myself to my deepest extent possible? Am I someone that is living in true integrity with the values I believe to be important in my everyday life?

What I have found in the pursuit for answers to this question is that the answer is never ending. It is just that. A constant pursuit to redefine yourself and your abilities. To create more of an all encompassing you that shows up on a deeper level everyday. With each year that goes by, I find that I am someone who wants to push a little further. I am someone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of what it really means to sink into myself. What it means to follow my true passions and values in life. What it means to create a life of happiness for myself and most importantly, what it means to express myself in the deepest way possible. As I started my most recent chapter of traveling around the world, I went on an unintentional journey of diving to the deepest level of asking this question over and over again. Day in and day out I found this question floating in my consciousness. Floating with patience as I swam into the murky waters of the unknown and unraveled the answers to it. With this constant cycle of asking myself the hard questions in life, there was a TED talk that I came back to each time I started to feel a little unsure. For whatever reason, this particular TED talk was something I found comfort in. It gave me the reassurance I needed to continue my pursuit for the answers I was looking for. This talk gave me the strength I was looking for to continue my pursuit in finding me. So much so, that I wanted to share it with all of you in hopes of helping others going through a little struggle with this question.

Caroline Mchugh is the founder and CEO of Idology, a movement dedicated to helping others understand the “original” version of themselves. In her TED talk, She gives a ton of great tidbits to keep in mind for anyone going through a little transition in life. The link to her talk is below. Take some time to watch what she has to say about finding yourself and let me know what you think! Ciao my loves.


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