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Reishi Tea.

This past weekend, I took a quick trip to Chicago with friends Brandon and Anne. Brandon and Anne started their own blog, The Yoga Nomads, a few years back and have been a constant source of inspiration for anything yoga, nature infused and tea like. You can check their blog out at http://www.theyoganomads.com/. As expected, this trip with these two beautiful humans opened me up to new ways of thinking, enjoying food and drinking tea. One of the many teas they introduced me to on this trip was one called Reishi Tea. This tea was so delicious and had so many medicinal benefits, I thought I would share a bit more about it, and how you can make enjoy some yourself.

First off, what the heck is Reishi? Well friends, Reishi is a mushroom. That’s right. A MUSHROOM. This mushroom is a staple herb in Chinese medicine and works to create a balance in the body. In Chinese medicine, this little guy is known as the Mushroom of Immortality. Known for its healing properties, Reishi is amazing at working on the balance and harmony of your immune system. Whether you are someone who gets sick often or you suffer from something like an autoimmune disease, Reishi is a powerful herb that will help you achieve tip top health state we are all in pursuit of. So what are some of the other health benefits that Reishi is known for bestowing on you? Well:

  1. Reishi helps in Fighting Cancer. If you are fighting any sort of cancer, Reishi is the herb for you. Again, with its ability to balance our immune system, It helps in the fight against those asshole cancer cells that might be growing your body. Reishi is also just as good at preventing cancer cells as it is in the fight against them. Something we obviously need this day in age.
  2. Detoxification of the Body. Reishi is great for overall liver health. As most of us know, our liver is vital for detoxifying our body of poisons. Drink Reishi for optimal detoxification.
  3. Reduces inflammation. Who doesn’t want to feel less inflamed? Reishi is great for any inflammatory diseases such as asthma, IBS, allergies, etc.
  4. Known to help with Anxiety and Depression. I was sold on Reishi here. Literally music to my ears. As someone who gets extremely anxious and feels like her life is spinning out of control almost every other minute of the day, I was all about this benefit. Think about it. This herb is a tonic for the liver, heart and lungs. It is literally working on detoxifying and improving some of our most vital organs. When your organs are working properly and giving the energy you need to fight your day, your mood is elevated. Happy health = Happy Mood. Yes Please.
  5. Helps you sleep. Another huge plus for a girl who can’t seem to stop her brain long enough to catch some z’s. Chinese herbalists have been using Reishi for years to help promote better sleep.

So where can you get Reishi? While in Chicago, Anne and Brandon prepared our tea with a Reishi Powder from Harmonic Arts. You can find the Reishi Powder from Harmonic Arts here. Harmonic Arts is great because they dual extract. Dual extracting the mushroom ensures that all goodness we need and want are being extracted and left in the final powder.

Sun Potion is another brand that makes a Reishi Powder you can find here.  This brand also makes a ton of other amazing powders that are great for healing the body from within. These powders can all be prepared in tea form as well. Although Sun Potion is not as high in quality as Harmonic Arts, I enjoy the other powders they make as well so I thought I would share.

Another Sun Potion favorite of mine is He Shou Wu which can be found here. He Shou Wu is great for tonifying the blood, hair, skin and nervous system. Another awesome powder for overall health.

Ok. So. preparing your tea. What do you need to do? Well that is easy. Just bring your water to a boil and pour the recommended amount of Reishi powder into your favorite mug. I like to let my boiled water cool down some before pouring it over the powder. This will ensure that all the nutrients and goodness aren’t burned away. While in Chicago, we prepared our tea by adding in some cardamom, ginger and cacao powder as well.

As always, adding in a dollop of delicious honey can’t hurt anyone. Looking for a good honey? You should check out my friends at WorkerB. Their Honey is seriously the best.

Ok that is all Friends! I hope you enjoyed! Until next time.


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