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One Love Organics.

Hi Friends! I have missed you. I have missed your energy. Wanted to take a second and blog about a new favorite of mine that I have been loving so much, I felt the need to share with all of you. My new favorite oil based cleanser. This stuff has been saving my skin as we enter into the winter months.

As most of you know, my skin is extremely sensitive. Winter months in Minnesota means one giant struggle fest for my dear skin. Not only does my skin dry out from the cold air and the harsh wind, it breaks out from all the moisturizer I am overcompensating with in hopes of protecting my delicate epidermis. With the Vitamin B enzyme cleansing oil from One Love Organics, my skin gets the moisture it needs from the oil based properties, while also getting squeaky clean. Exactly what my skin has been looking for. Cleanliness without the stripping. This cleanser is designed to nurture your skin while also removing it of makeup, dirt and impurities. All while using the most gentle of ingredients, in order to ensure that your skin is getting back more than what is being taken away.

This cleanser also has the added bonus of being made by a company that stands for everything I love in life. A company that is true to the ingredients they source and is honest about what they are putting in their products.  See below for some of my faves by one love organics.


Vitamin B Enzyme Cleanser. Ok I think I have talked enough about this one. The best in terms of keeping the best of what your skin needs while cleaning the rest away.

 Oh Mega Calming Chia Oil. This stuff sneaks up on you with how good it is. I love this stuff for when I want a little extra TLC for my skin.

 Vitamin C Body Polish. I am a sucker for a good exfoliator. This stuff is SO. GOOD. Not only does it exfoliate your skin, it moisturizes and leaves it feeling soft and refreshed. Yes please.

 Vitamin C Body Oil. Put this on after using the Body Polish and a whole new you is born. This stuff is the ultimate in taking care of your skin day in and day out.

Not only is One Love Organics passionate about what goes into their products, they are passionate about keeping keeping their consumers informed on how to identify products that source high quality ingredients. Or at the very least, ingredients that are safe for your skin. Check out this amazing article they posted on informing their costumers on how to read an ingredient list for products. I mean really read one.

Ok Friends. I hope this helps in the pursuit of more sustainable skincare. Short and sweet this time. One love from yours truly.




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