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Hair. Funny how I haven’t posted about it yet considering the amount I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Anyway. let’s get into it. My hair is a security blanket for me. It is something I now have a deep love and respect for. Something I will always be thankful for. As much as I don’t like to admit it, my hair is a part of my identity. The less I do to it, the curlier it becomes and the more fond I become of it’s unpredictability. My hair gives others a sense of who I am without even having to know me. A little messy, generally confused, but always willing to party.

Joking. Kind of.

I can honestly say I have nothing but love for the messy mop of curls that grace my head.

This current reality of mine wasn’t always the case though. As a kid, I hated my hair. Talk. about. awkward. It was frizzy, unruly and nothing was going to tame it. You want to talk about traumatic childhood experiences? Let me tell you about moving into the humidity of the south from the west coast and watching my hair grow about double in size. Bobble head is a description that comes to mind. And there was NOTHING I could do to stop it. Yes. I also realize that I moved from California to Alabama in high school and my biggest problem was the state of my hair. Clearly I had an issue with vanity as well. But that is for another post.

This freak out period of not being able to control my hair pushed me into a mindset of doing anything and everything I could to change my natural state. To try and control the very gift I was given. The gift that most women kill for.

I have been through it all with my hair. I have been through every dye job you could ever think of. I have been through phases where I would waste hours of my life straightening it and I have been through phases where I had to go see a chiropractor because my head could not stand the weight of the ponytail I was constantly throwing it in. you might be laughing right now, but sadly, it was my life. I tried everything. To change it. To tame it. To hide it from others. Until one day, somewhere down the road, I cracked. I hit a breaking point and I stopped giving a shit. I quit washing it. I quit straightening it. I quit dying it. I quit it all. I wouldn’t even look in the mirror for a good 6 months of life. Which is honestly kind of refreshing. Every girl should try it once in their life.

Anyway. back to the story.

Then. Like magic. It became beautiful. the frizz went away, the curls became more defined. It had more volume. And all I had to do was watch the products I used. My prayers were answered. Because I stopped fighting nature, and started flowing with it. Moral of the story. Less is more friends. Less heat. Less washing and less products.

With that said, I do still use a few products. As always, the products I use are sustainable and natural based products that leave my hair smelling like roses and shining for days. the more natural the product, the better off my hair is and the longer I can go without washing it. As always, do your homework on the products you are using friends. It will ALWAYS be worth it. Interested in the products I use? See below for my favorites…

Eufora Leave in Conditioner. Any curly hair girl knows the golden rule to the best locks is the leave in you use. and Eufora is THE BEST. Their products are hands down some of the best I have come across. They are sustainable and made with the highest quality ingredients.

Intelligent Nutrients Shampoo.  I have a love/hate relationship with shampoos. They make or break the kind of hair day I am going to have. I came across intelligent nutrients during my kit and ace days, fell in love and never looked back. Thanking the higher power for this one.

Oribe Conditioner. Nothing better. Seriously. The texture of this conditioner is unreal and the smell will make you fall in love at first whiff. if you only try one thing on the list, try this. and the leave in conditioner. Ok you should really just try it all.

Eufora Curl Defining Cream. Another Eufora go to. this cream is really what gives my curls the definition and personality they need. I wrap my soaking wet hair in a t shirt before hand. Then, when I am ready to style my hair, I apply the defining cream to my hair and twist my curls in tiny sections. Once I have finished twisting, I scrunch my hair throughly with the t shirt I wrapped my hair in.

Josie Maran Argan Oil. Ok. so I only wash my hair once a week. and each day between washings, I apply argan oil to keep my hair smelling fresh and the curls defined. Josie Maran Argan Oil is a go to for my hair. But for those who might shy away from the price point, you can find 100% pure argan oil at a local co-op for a fraction of the price.

Wise Ways scalp and hair treatment. About twice a month, I do a scalp and hair treatment. Doing a scalp treatment is a serious game changer for your hair. Not only does your scalp get the much needed attention it deserves to grow your hair the right way, the treatment can be pulled down to the ends of hair to provide even deeper moisture to your strands. This treatment from Wise Ways is SO NOURISHING.

Ok Friends! I hope this helps in your own personal hair journey. Please let me know if there is anything I can help answer and I would be happy to help. Ciao loves!


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